Google BigQuery & Qlik Sense made easy

With the Big Data Connector for BigQuery by Stretch

Google’s BigQuery is one of the most exciting enterprise data warehouse solutions on the market right now. The serverless data warehouse is able handle huge amounts of data in a fast and easily managed setup with a cheap and flexible pricing model. This makes it a great foundation for modern business intelligence solutions.

But we need to get from data storage to value generating insights. Of the leading Business Intelligence tools on the market, the data agnostic Qlik Sense, should be the leading candidate for anyone looking to build a modern business intelligence setup on top of BigQuery. The winning combination is already widely popular for global industry leaders. But what is the best way to connect Qlik to Google BigQuery? Time to have a look at the Big Data Connector for BigQuery by Stretch.


BigQuery with Qlik Sense

BigQuery is, as suggested by the name, amazing at handling huge data volumes. This is great, but how do you add to that a modern business intelligence solution capable of analyzing all that juicy data? At Stretch, we have been working with numerous BigQuery-customers asking us this very question. Ideally, we want a platform that gives us all our data at our fingertips. One that can handle modern analytics use cases like self-service, AI assisted data discovery, conversational analytics, embedded analytics, advanced analytics, and more. But most importantly, as data grows it needs to be able to easily handle massive data volumes.

Qlik Sense is ideal for all these requirements and we have already seen many major companies go in this direction. However, Qlik’s own BigQuery connector is, according to Qlik themselves, not able to return large query results. While the functionality of that connector is great, this is, to many companies using BigQuery, a deal breaker. At the request of several customers, Stretch have finally solved this with our Big Data Connector for Google BigQuery. With the new connector, Qlik can finally be used to unleash the full potential of BigQuery.

“ With the Big Data Connector by Stretch, it is finally possible to unleash the full business intelligence potential of Google BigQuery in Qlik Sense”

Big Data, Small Problems

The key to getting true value out of BigQuery and Qlik combination is getting large data volumes directly to Qlik, where it can be managed in Qlik’s in-memory technology for rapid data discovery. The Big Data Connector for Google BigQuery by Stretch can handle very large data volumes as well as the small ones. On the right, we see the test results of just how fast the connector can transport millions of rows of data from Google BigQuery to Qlik Sense. Whether you are importing data in the millions, hundreds of millions, or billions of rows, the connector has your requirements covered. It is easy to use and implement and it will make accessing BigQuery data from Qlik Sense more convenient than ever before.

Ease access to all your data

The connector has been made to offer an easy way of getting very large data volumes from BigQuery to Qlik Sense. In the video below, we show just how easy it is to set up a connection, import data, and start using it in Qlik Sense.

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